This is our starting wiki for the Web 2.0 Expo at Belmont City College 2009.

This is our outline for all of the stations we are using today there are 3 major sectors. They are Create, Collaborate and Connect. Each of these sectors have a page on this wiki too, just see to the left.

Create is the way that we make different things happen on the web. Collaborate is the way we get several people to contribute to one project. Connect is the way we socialise over the web. Social networking comes into this.

The 3 sectors are split up into 13 stations. The 13 stations that we are going to use are: Intro, Gmail, iGoogle, Posterous (blogs), (tagging - social), Picassa (tag embed), Moodle, Wiki, Google docs, Twiddla, Skype and Ning. From intro to Moodle is in the library. From Wiki to Twiddla is in E12, Mr Carabetta's room. The rest are in LC13, the LOTE room, Mr Jeong's room.

We will have people on each station and some on two as there arent enough people. We have 13 people including the teachers so we should have enough people to keep the stations manned throughout the time that we have this expo. People will get bored very easily so groups will rotate stations at the end of each period. Also we have little sheriff badges to show that we are in the expo so if we have to go around the school, then we just show the teachers our badges and tell them that we are in the expo and they should let us go. If not they will think that we are crazy little buggers who carry around little badges

Here is a little jazzy intro on what we are on about

Through Web 2.0 from Tomaz Lasic on Vimeo.

Enjoy & come on down!